• ART 140 Photography I

    Introduction to black and white processes and concepts. Explores photography as a medium of aesthetic expression and awareness of both historic and contemporary trends in photography. Beyond collecting photographic images and studio work, students engage in group discussions and a series of critiques. Slide lectures, demonstrations of studio processes and research assignments complement studio work. (AR) Offered every other semester. 

  • ART 240 Digital Photography 

    Explores the conceptual, creative and technical processes of the medium. The course includes demonstrations of technological best practices, from image capture to print, including web publishing. Each student will create a portfolio of digital images through studio work. (AR) Offered each semester. 

  • ART 340 Photography III

    A continuation of 240. Students are expected to demonstrate greater independence and experimentation in their work. Prerequisite: 240. Offered each semester.

  • ART 440 Photography IV, AB

    Concentrated individualized work for advanced students. Prerequisite: 340. May be repeated once for credit. Offered each semester.

  • ART 480 Special Individual Projects

    Individually designed research studies, field experiences, or experimental studio projects in an area of special interest; carried out under the guidance of the instructor or a special supervisor. May be repeated for a maximum of three units of credit. Prerequisite: consent of the instructor. Offered as needed.