In the painting program we introduce a variety of concepts that challenge you to use basic skills to explore a broad range of artistic issues. The painting program includes introductions to acrylic and oil paint in the first and sophomore years. In the junior year, you establish the general direction of your own painting through discussions with painting faculty, research and experimentation. In the senior year, you will do extensive independent work in a critique environment that provides you with the time and focus to develop a significant body of work.

 The painting program provides the foundation for your development as a professional artist, and also prepares you for further study at the graduate level. The facilities include a large painting studio and one large drawing studio. The upper level painting students have semi private studios in the art building. All of the studios provide excellent lighting and ventilation.

  • ART 130 Painting I

    A course designed to introduce students to painting processes and concepts. Students explore painting as a medium of aesthetic expression and develop an awareness of selected historical and contemporary modes of painting. A series of critiques, group discussions, research and information gathering assignments, lectures, and demonstrations, complement studio work. Fulfills general education requirements for The Arts category. Offered each semester.

  • ART 230 Painting II

    A continuation of 130. Individual problems in painting. Prerequisite: 130. Offered each semester.

  • ART 330 Painting III

    A continuation of 230. Students are expected to demonstrate greater independence and experimentation in their work. Prerequisite: 230. Offered each semester.

  • ART 430 Painting IV, AB.

    Concentrated individualized work for advanced students. Prerequisite: 330. May be repeated once for credit. Offered each semester.

  • ART 480 Special Individual Projects

    Individually designed research studies, field experiences, or experimental studio projects in an area of special interest; carried out under the guidance of the instructor or a special supervisor. May be repeated for a maximum of three units of credit. Prerequisite: consent of the instructor. Offered as needed.