• ART 139 Ceramics I

    A course designed to introduce students to ceramic processes and concepts. Students explore ceramics as a medium of aesthetic expression and develop an awareness of selected historical and contemporary modes of ceramics. A series of critiques, group discussions, research and information gathering assignments, lectures, and demonstrations, complement studio work. Fulfills general education requirements for The Arts category. Offered each semester.

  • ART 239 Ceramics II

    A continuation of 139. Individual problems in ceramics. Prerequisite: 139. Offered each semester.

  • ART 339 Ceramics III

    A continuation of 239. Students are expected to demonstrate greater independence and experimentation in their work. Prerequisite: 239. Offered each semester.

  • ART 439 Ceramics IV

    AB. Concentrated individualized work for advanced students. Prerequisite: 339. May be repeated once for credit. Offered each semester.

  • ART 480 Special Individual Projects

    Individually designed research studies, field experiences, or experimental studio projects in an area of special interest; carried out under the guidance of the instructor or a special supervisor. May be repeated for a maximum of three units of credit. Prerequisite: consent of the instructor. Offered as needed.