Ames School of Art

Art History Program

Art history explores the historical connections between cultural production and society and engages in the critical analysis of art and visual culture. The Art History Program will train you in the perception, analysis, and understanding of images.

We use engagedParis learning activities and critical approaches to investigate images and their aesthetic, cultural, historical, political, economic, and theoretical contexts within and beyond a particular society. We make frequent visits to local galleries and occasional trips to Chicago's museums. Students conduct guided, but independent research. Our Program draws on faculty expertise in several Illinois Wesleyan departments.

Students of art history often seek employment in museum, gallery, conservation, research and educational institutions and may pursue graduate studies to achieve this end. We encourage current students to apply for internships at art museums and related art venues. 


The Art History Minor

Our minor in art history is open to all undergraduates and requires a minimum of five course units. One of the courses must be ART 115, and two art history courses must be at the 300 level. Students must earn a C or higher in courses applied toward the art history minor.

Sample course plan:

1. ART 115320322

2. Select two courses from: ART 209, 307, 309, 311, 316, 355, 370, 399, 450    


Special Contract Major

Course Descriptions