• ART 113 Drawing I

    A perceptual experience in drawing from the human form in which concepts in art 111 are approached from a specific perceptual situation. Familiarity with a variety of drawing media is stressed. Offered each semester.

  • ART 213 Drawing II

    A consideration of problems in perceptual and conceptual drawing. The aim of the course is to further the understanding of drawing as an intermediary step which leads toward a completed work of art, and as a distinct art form having its own aesthetic qualities and being fully capable of producing an art object. Prerequisite: 113. Offered each semester.

  • ART 415 Advanced Drawing

    For advanced students who have an awareness of the basic problems in drawing. The course has three aims: development of a personal drawing style, familiarity with all drawing media, and a greater general appreciation of drawing. Prerequisite: 213. Offered each semester.

  • ART 480 Special Individual Projects

    Individually designed research studies, field experiences, or experimental studio projects in an area of special interest; carried out under the guidance of the instructor or a special supervisor. May be repeated for a maximum of three units of credit. Prerequisite: consent of the instructor. Offered as needed.