A minimum of 32 course units is required for the B.F.A. degree.

Courses in art:

A. art 111, 113, 213, 300, and 490

B. art 130, 135 and 137 or 139

C. art history 115, 320, 322 and two additonal units in art history

D. five course units of studio art above the 100-level

Further requirements and limitations:

A. Each art major must participate in periodic faculty reviews, typically including a sophomore exhibition. B.F.A. Degree candidates must present a senior exhibition or project for approval by the art faculty.

B. A candidate for the B.F.A. Degree who transfers from another institution must complete a minimum of five units in studio art courses in residence at Illinois Wesleyan.

C. No more than one course unit of "D" work in art may be counted toward the major. No more than four total course units of "D" work completed at Illinois Wesleyan or elsewhere may be counted toward a degree.

D. Students must successfully complete courses through the 300 level in at least one studio area. No more than five courses may be taken in one studio area.

Minor in Studio Art: The minor program in studio art is designed to provide students with many of the basic skills and knowledge which are stressed in the degree programs. The minor includes foundation level courses, introductory and/or intermediate studio courses and courses in art history.

A minimum of seven course units to include:

A. Art 111, 113, 115, 320

B. one course unit of 100-level studio art

C. one course unit of 200-level studio art or one additional unit of 100-level studio art

D. one unit of 300-level art history.

Minor in Art History: The minor program in art history is intended to introduce students to works of art in relation to their cultural and historical context. Students should select courses in consultation with the art historian.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Requirements