2015-2016 Annual Theme: Nation(s) Divided?

Nation(s) Divided?

world hands

As part of Illinois Wesleyan's strategic initiatives and commitment to a strong intellectual campus environment, we continue to enhance the use of intellectual themes in curricular and co-curricular programming. Ultimately, the goal is create an annual campus-wide theme that serves to frame engagement for the summer reading, convocations, May term programming, and any other potential collaborative efforts across campus. This year, the theme that’s been selected is Nation(s) Divided?.

In the spirit of collaboration and mutual support, the faculty involved with the course clusters led by Tom Lutze also selected this theme. This “Nations(s) Divided?" theme reflects faculty-led interest that we hope will permeate the campus community in 2015-16.

The theme of “Nation(s) Divided?” invites us to cross, intersect, and transcend borderlands in the ways we think about others and ourselves by deconstructing notions of unity and division, of nations and national identities. We invite all students, faculty, and staff to explore the concepts and realities of “Nation(s) Divided?” and we encourage you to think about how this theme can be a part of the programs that your department, class, or student organization may sponsor this year.