Minority Alumni Network (The Network)


The Minority Alumni Network (The Network) provides meaningful opportunities for minority alumni to engage with the Illinois Wesleyan community through social, educational, and service activities. These activities are intended to support diversity and inclusion initiatives among undergraduates at Illinois Wesleyan University.


The Network was formed in 1991 to celebrate and support the proud heritage of minority students at IWU. The Network’s mission is to showcase accomplishments of diverse alumni, provide the conduit to support incoming and current minority students, and assist IWU in achieving a student population that is racially and ethnically diverse.

For more information around involvement with the Minority Alumni Network, contact Mary Wilson '07.


  • Recruit incoming MALANA students
  • Mentor current students. 
  • Provide networking opportunities
  • Raise funds for minority scholarships and diversity initiatives
  • Promote giving to IWU 
Place in the Alumni Association
  • The Network operates under the authority of the Alumni Association
  • The Network selects members of its Network Council
  • The Network Council governs the Minority Alumni Network and elects its own officers
  • Elected officers serve on the Executive Council, which manages the group's programs
  • Programs are generally organized with Alumni Association support and participation
  • Alumni activities are always to be coordinated with the Office of Alumni Engagement
Executive Board
Chair -  Mary Miller '07
Chair acts as spokespeople at Network events as well as represents MAN to the Executive Board of the Alumni Association, and at other occasions that require a representative of the Minority Alumni Network. The Chair works with the Alumni Relations Office on setting an agenda for MAN conference calls/meetings and facilitates them.

Immediate Past Chairs:
Qiana Cryer-Coupet '06
Cecilia Mendoza ’13 
Deon Hornsby '97
Tony Gray '98
Ansel Johnson ’81
Debbie Burt-Frazier ‘75
Phyllis Barker '73 

*Immediate Past Chairs provide advice and support to further the goals of the Minority Alumni Network.
Social Events Chair: Social Events Chair coordinates with the Alumni Engagement Office in the planning and promotion of MAN’s annual events (Black History Month Celebration, Picnic and Pool Party, and Homecoming activities). This chair is responsible for ensuring the recruiting committee contacts alumni to personally extend an invite to events. Note: All Network Executive Board Members automatically serve on this committee and assist with planning and phone calls. 

Fundraising Chair: Fundraising Chair is responsible for promoting giving participation among annual fund programs and diversity and inclusion giving initiatives and scholarships.

Recruitment Chair: Recruitment Chair works to recruit and maintain a pool of alumni volunteers who help the Admissions Office make phone calls to prospective students and partake in other recruitment activities. Note: All Network Executive Board members serve on this committee. 

Marketing Subcommittee: Marketing Subcommittee works with IWU Communications Department and Admissions Office to develop strategies to reach prospective African-American and Latino students, particularly in the Chicago area, through TV, print, and radio outlets. 

Mentoring Chair: Mentoring Chair develops and maintains a pool of alumni volunteers to serve as mentors to students on an as-needed basis. Rather than assigning them, students have access to an entire list of mentors and contact them according to their needs and interests. Chair coordinates an event for mentors and students every year at Homecoming. Note: All Network Executive Board members serve on this committee. 

Communications Chairs: Communications Chair works with the Alumni Engagement Office to publish the annual Network Voice.

Alumni Recognition Chair: Alumni Recognition Chair highlights accomplishments of alumni of color and diversity at Network events each year, particularly Homecoming. Chair is also responsible for presenting on the history of minority alumni at IWU at the Network’s Black History Month celebration every year. 

Student Recognition Committee: Consisting of four students (one from each class), the Student Recognition Committee is charged with highlighting the accomplishments of current IWU students in the categories of academics, extracurricular activities, athletics, and outstanding first year student each year at the Black History Month Celebration.