Experiential Learning is another hallmark...

...of an Illinois Wesleyan education. Students conduct research or other creative activity, engage in internships, take part in community service and study abroad in more than 70 countries.


Uniquely Illinois Wesleyan Programs

May TermMay Term

This month-long experiential-learning session allows students to focus on a single special-topic course not offered during the regular terms, take a travel-study course or pursue research options, internships, or creative activity. May Term is designed to stretch traditional boundaries between in-class and out-of-class learning.

Eckley Summer ScholarsEckley Scholars and Artists Program

Undergraduate research is a hallmark of Illinois Wesleyan and the Eckley program is just one of many sponsored programs taking place during the school year and summer. As an exclusively undergraduate university our students have greater access to research opportunities, because they do not compete with graduate students.

Action Research CenterAction Research Center

The Action Research Center is a unique experiential-learning center that matches students with a wide array of community, governmental and corporate organizations where students work independently and side-by-side with professionals to conduct research, develop new initiatives, create strategic plans and more.

Study AbroadStudy Abroad Tuition Program

Our study abroad tuition policy allows you to apply your IWU tuition and scholarship and need-based assistance towards the cost of studying abroad for a semester. This means virtually any student who attends Illinois Wesleyan can afford to study abroad. This opportunity is something we encourage students to experience while at Illinois Wesleyan. Forty-nine percent of our students study abroad, compared to 14 percent nationally.

Portfolio Management ProgramPortfolio Management Program

The student-managed portfolio program provides interested students with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience acting as money managers for a $750,000 portfolio of investments. The investment team’s goal is to generate sufficient returns on the portfolio to provide at least one scholarship for an IWU student each year.  In pursuing this mission, student managers bear in mind at all times that their decisions must be consistent with the general investment policies of Illinois Wesleyan University’s Board of Trustees, and that they must place special emphasis on firms with high ethical standards and a strong sense of social responsibility.