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Homecoming 2015 Events @ Hansen

October 5 - 11, 2015



Bloomington/Normal Pizza Taste Off

October 7 @ Hansen

The Pizza Taste Off will once again highlight some of the top pizza places in Bloomington and Normal.  Representatives from various vendors will be passing out free samples of their pizza.  Don’t forget to vote for your favorite at the end of the event.



Lip Sync Contest

October 8 @ Hansen

The Lip Sync competition is designed to display the creative skills of teams by having them create an original dance routine while lip syncing to music that ties into the year’s theme.  Lip Sync consists of two rounds. The first round is a performance selected by the team. The second is a lip sync Battle round in “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” style

chicago boyz photo
Chicago Boyz

October 9 @ 9 pm, Hansen

As seen on NBC’s hit reality TV show America’s Got Talent, the Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team is a professional gymnastics troupe consisting of talented young men and boys from the Chicagoland area.

Their performance includes amazing acrobatic stunts and tricks inside twirling jump ropes, catapulting off mini trampolines and thundering tumbling routines with impeccable timing.

Founded by professional gymnast Tim Shaw, these young inner city youth are taught discipline, respect, hard work, integrity and teamwork. Members must maintain a “C” average in school, are not allowed to drop out of school, associate with gangs, drugs, alcohol or tobacco. Through Tim’s positive impact, many kids have not only become professional polished gymnasts, but turned their lives around in the process.

They’ve also performed in Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus, the Ellen Show, Good Morning America, Regis and Kelly and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Geoff Keith

October 23 @ 8 pm, Hansen

Geoff Keith began performing stand up comedy at the end of 2003. Since then he has been making a name for himself and audiences and industry have both been taking notice. After Keith's first time on stage he walked off and heard an audience member saying, "remember that kid's name."

He spent his first two years traveling all over Southern California every night driving over 100 miles per night just to get stage time. He performed at AA meetings, restaurants, swap meets, nudist colonies, bars, clubs, etc. Whether there were two people or 200 people he would make the drive.

Soon he began traveling to other states such as Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, and Nevada for gigs. The drives did not get any shorter going from state to state each day.

In January 2006 he got an opportunity to work a week at the Sacramento Punchline Comedy Club with Pablo Francisco. Francisco immediately brought Keith on the road with him for the remainder of the year giving Keith tons of experience working in front of packed crowds at the top clubs in the country. Francisco also included Keith in his one hour Comedy Central special "Pablo Francisco's: Ouch!" which aired in 2006. Since then Keith has appeared on Playboy TV's "Night Calls," Comedy Central's "Live at Gotham," CBS's "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson," ABC's "Comic's Unleashed with Byron Allen," HBO's "Down and Dirty with Jim Norton," BET's "One Mic Stand," E! Channel's "Chelsea Lately," and some others. He also was asked to perform at the Vancouver Comedy Festival in 2006 and the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, Quebec in 2007.

On the acting front Keith was featured in "Coach Carter" and "Even Money" and has appeared in two national commercials. Along with those accomplishments, he had a development deal with Turner Broadcasting to create funny webisodes for their internet site SuperDeluxe.com. Keith also filmed a secret project for Ashton Kutcher which included funny short videos where he was the star. Kutcher directed four of the videos and Keith improvised the rest himself with Kutcher's approval.

Keith most recently finished shooting two seasons as one of the stars of MTV's "Disaster Date" with memorable characters such as "Mayhem the Wrestler," the "Homeless Guy," "Mr. Romance," and many more.

Currently, Keith is touring the country performing at colleges and comedy clubs alike.

Undercover 27

November 6 @ 9 pm, Hansen

Undercover is a biannual Illinois Wesleyan University student music competition that is sponsored by the Office of Student Activities and takes place in the Hansen Student Center.

All IWU students are eligible to audition for a chance to compete in the live competition.  All competitors will sing two cover songs for a panel of guest judges who will consider both performance and audience response to determine the competition's winner. Some performers only sing the vocals while other groups may choose to play instruments as well. Past performances have included acoustic ballads, Motown's greatest hits, country songs and rock anthems. In recent years professional musicians and comedians have been invited to host the show.  Check back to see if a celebrity performer will be appearing at Undercover 27.

For additional information about the event, contact the Office of Student Activities at (309) 556-3850.


For additional information about the events shown here, contact the Office of Student Activities at (309) 556-3850.