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The IWU Peace Corps Prep Program


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In 2016, Illinois Wesleyan University established a partnership with the Peace Corps and proudly launched the IWU Peace Corps Prep Program. This certificate program aligns with IWU's mission and allows the university to better serve our students, our community, and the world.

Join the IWU Peace Corps Prep program! Our program welcomes IWU students from all years and all majors. Being part of the Peace Corps Prep program shows your commitment to global citizenship.

The Peace Corps Prep program prepares students like you for service around the world. The program focuses on the four core competencies that are critical to the intercultural fieldwork completed by Peace Corps Volunteers:

Work Sector Training     Foreign Language     Intercultural Competence     Professional & Leadership Development

By completing this program, you will earn a certificate from the Peace Corps. It does not guarantee your acceptance into the Peace Corps. It also does not require that you serve in the Peace Corps. No matter where you go - public or private sector, domestic or international service, employment or more education - your Peace Corps Prep certificate shows that you have the training to be a community leader.

Ready to learn more? Contact the IWU Peace Corps Prep Coordinator, Deborah Halperin. Visit Deborah at the Action Research Center office, CLA 116. You can also e-mail her at or call 309-825-6006.


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