Foreign Language Skills


Working across cultures often entails verbal and nonverbal languages distinct from your own.  Building foreign language skills is a key component of the Peace Corps Prep program. Requirements vary by language and your desired Peace Corps volunteer placement site.

Where would you like to serve?  Peace Corps Prep minimum course requirements align with those needed by applicants to the Peace Corps itself, which vary by linguistic region.


  • Latin America :  Individuals wanting to serve in Spanish-speaking countries must apply with strong intermediate proficiency.  This typically means completing two 200-level courses.
  • West Africa:  Individuals wanting to serve in French-speaking African countries should be proficient in French (or, in some cases, any Romance Language), usually through one 200-level course.
  • Everywhere Else:  The Peace Corps has no explicit language requirements for individuals applying to serve in most other countries.  However, you will still likely learn and utilize another language during service, so it is only helpful to have taken at least one foreign language class.


Note: If you are a strong native speaker and want to serve in a country that speaks your same language, please discuss this with your Peace Corps Prep Coordinator.