In 2014-2015, our goal is to record 41,529 hours of service. WHY?

The Independent Sector values an hour of volunteer service in Illinois at $24.08.

41,529 hours x $24.08 in value = $1,000,000 of impact in our community

Help us to reach this goal!

Just tell us about the good work you are doing with this simple form (takes 3 minutes):



A million thanks for your help in getting us to our $1 million goal!


Top Give a Day Leaders as of March 18, 2015

Campus Groups Individuals

Cross Country: 906 hours
Golf (men & women): 716 hours
Track: 347 hours
Men's Soccer: 302 hours
Cheerleading: 240 hours

Top 5 
Elise April: 1099 hours
Amanda King: 538 hours
Mike Wagner: 505 hours
Emily Bugg: 504 hours
Christine Peterson: 414 hours

Sigma Kappa: 1317 hours
AGD: 885 hours
Kappa Delta: 851 hours
Kappa Kappa Gamma: 417 hours

Give A Day Circle Members
Elise April    Amanda King    Christine Peterson
Mike Wagner    Emily Bugg   Matt LaLonde
Deborah Halperin    Blair Wright    Sarah Bergman
Kara Hogan    Michelle Schoch    Jenny Prochotsky
Elizabeth Hassett    Emma Peck    Elizabeth Sanders
Liz Kaeb    Meghan Keeley   Madeline Minogue
Rebecca Brait    Stephanie Huber    Kathleen Lucas
Beatrice Koka    Nicole Jovicevic    Alyssa Gibson
Gavin Schroeder    Rachel Pond    Carole Guffey
Bailee Dunlap    Anna Lesson    Maddison Zimmer
Dana Jourdan    Gina Franco    Rachel Dissner  Brian Yager
Sarah Sadowski    Brenden Wall    Hannah Bowen
Edith Caballero    Carolyn Nadeau    Erica Kucharski
James Simeone    Anna Oliveri    Molly Sermersheim
Cassidy Tarpey    Gabrielle Palfenier    Meghan Manian
Abigail Sartori    Casey Plach    Grace McCarten
Rachel Shaffer    Elaine Coppe    Cortney Sears
Kelsey Ott    Jonathan Green    Maisy Bowden
Emily Powers    Julie Savich    Amanda Lack
Dave McGrath    Dorota Kulikowska    Jennifer Altman

Senate: 952 hours
Peace Garden: 560 hours
Habitat for Humanity: 436 hours
Alpha Phi Omega: 434 hours
Actuarial Society: 240 hours



Q: My entire team/club/sorority/department/class is doing a project, do we all have to enter a form?

A: One representative can enter the form for the team to “get credit” for the project. There is a section to enter the emails of everyone involved in a group project.

Q: Why do we have to keep track of this?

A: Community engagement is an important part of the IWU culture. Knowing more about how we serve will help us to better support you and how you want to serve.

Q: What counts? My internship? The hours I did for a class? Tutoring at my church? Raising money for charity?

A: Anything that helps to make the community a better place. For the Give a Day Campaign, we are counting it ALL. The form allows you to say whether you were doing your hours for credit or not for credit, paid or not paid, and many other scenarios. 

Q: What happens when I hit the 24 hour challenge?

A: You join the Give a Day Circle which comes with an invite to the Community Engagement banquet in the spring and a certificate. If you are a senior, you get to wear service cords at graduation.


If you still have questions, just send us an email at

Thanks for your support of the Give a Day campaign and for all you do in the community,


Why is Community Engagement Important?