In 2014-2015, our goal is to record 41,529 hours of service. WHY?

The Independent Sector values an hour of volunteer service in Illinois at $24.08.

41,529 hours x $24.08 in value = $1,000,000 of impact in our community- help us to reach this goal!

Record your hours with this simple form (takes 3 minutes):


A million thanks for your help in getting us to our $1 million goal! 

Top Give a Day Leaders as of April 13, 2015

Campus Groups Individuals

Cross Country (Men & Women): 5338 hours
Track & Field: 1407 hours
Men's Soccer: 607hours
Men's Golf: 568 hours

Top Individuals
(everyone 400+ hours)

Lindsay Alpert: 827
Nathan Douglas: 783
Deborah Halperin: 684
Amanda King: 538 hours
Lexia Swope: 508
Mike Wagner: 505 hours
Emily Bugg: 504 hours
Blair Wright: 420 hours
Christine Peterson: 416.5 hours
Zachary Taylor: 400 hours

Sigma Kappa: 1355 hours
AGD: 908 hours
Kappa Delta: 654 hours
Kappa Kappa Gamma: 789 hours

Give A Day Circle Members
Alexandra Bidner  Alexa Cornish  Anne Cummings
Alexandra Falls  Alyssa Gibson  Anna Kerr-Carpenter
Amanda King  Alisa Kulhanek  Amanda Lack
Anna Leeson  Alison Novakow  Anna Oliveri
Adirane Powell  Nettie Rauch  Abigail Sartori
Alyssa Shannon  Alexandria Stevenson  Alex Stogin
Blake Beehler  Brittany Brady  Brigid Crawford
Bailee Dunlap  Beatrice Koka  Brenden Wall
Blair Wright  Brian Yager  Cassidy Ancira  Christy Jo Cole
Carly Floyd  Carole Guffey  Chloe Morris
Carolyn Nadeau  Christine Peterson  Casey Plach
Cortney Sears  Cassidy Tarpey  David Flowers
Deborah Halperin  Dana Jourdan  Dorota Kulikowska
Dave McGrath  Dylan Overstreet  Wendy Wu
Elise April  Emily Bugg  Edith Callabero  Elaine Coppe
Emily Cornwell  Eileen Galvez  Elizabeth Hassett
Erica Kucharski  Emma Peck  Emily Powers
Elizabth Sanders  Emily Shankar  EvaMarie Strittmatter
Gina Franco  Khurran Ghayur  Gail Mar
Garce McCarten  Gabrielle Palfenier  Gavin Schroeder
Gerry Schroeder  Grace Tamayo  Hannah Bowen
Lily Chang  Hanna Eby  Jennifer Altman
Jessica Flach  Jonathan Green  Jill Harmon
John Pisani  Jenny Prochotsky  Julie Savich
Jim Simeone  Jenna Tranel  Joshua Yoo
Jyleigh Block  Katie Caulfield  Kristen Grisamore
Kara Hogan  Karli Kulhanek  Kathleen Lucas
Karen Matkivich  Kelsey Ott  Kienna Schumacher
Kelli Sloan  Kathy Tun  Lauren Ajak
Lindsay Alpert  Lindsay Bullington  Liz Kaeb
Leo Martinez  Lauren Pavich  Lexia Swope
Maisy Bowden  Michael Bradley  Meghan Burke
Margaret DeMaegd  Michael Dickinson  Michael Gorman
Meghan Henwood  Meghan Keeley  Margaret Krause
Matt LaLonde  Molly Lessen  Michelle Lui
Meghan Linder  Meghan Manian  Madeline Minogue
Michelle Schoch  Molly Sermersheim  Mike Wagner
Maddison Zimmer  Nicole Chlebek  Nathan Douglas
Nicole Jovicevic  Nubari Kanee  Gindy Bguyen
Ngni Nguyen  Natalie Witter  Ojaswee Shrestha
Pratana Ramachandran  Rachel Bear  Rebecca Brait
Rui Cao  Rachel Dissner  Rachel Pond  Rachel Shaffer
Sarah Bergman  Stephanie Huber  Samuel Powers
Sara Raffensberger  Sarah Sadowski  TrucAhn Dao
Taylor Daum  Laurel Jiang  Tia Pastavas
Tyler Sterr  Theresa Ward  Tianze Zhang
Victoria Drake  Victoria Goodale  Callie Phipps
Vianey Herhandez  Piment Wenting Zhao
Yanru Zhou  Zachary Talbert  Autumn Amerson
Alexandra Bantz  Ahnalieza Brill  Amanda Frank
Annmarie Gast  Abigail Hertz  Alisha Larrison
Allison Perlongo  Anna Pogue  Ashley Tegge
Brigita Jakob  Caitlin Arrington  Collin Barr
Cynthia Daniel Cruz  Cassidy Elgeness  Casie Henrikson
Carrie Mack  Cydnee Mann  Crystal Ocampo
Carly Wilson  David Allen  Derek England  Dick Folse
Daniel Krob  Daisy Sajuan  Emily Anderson
Emily Johnson  Erin McCarey  Elyse Nelson Winger
Gisel Lopez  Holly Lind  Iris Sowlat  Jordan Collins
Jorge Fuentes  Jordan Hartness  Julie Jaudes
Johanna Linman  Jade Molin  Jehona Osmani
Jackie Schirmacher  Jane Swafford  Jake Thaker
Jessica White  Kathryn Forman  Khurram Ghayur
Kayla Hanes  Kira Miller  Karen Schmidt
Katherine Serrano  Kaitlin Springer  Kiri Stauch
Lauren Casey  Liezl Jacobson  Licen Liu  Leann Lyden
Lilly Poe  Leslie Sanchez  Lauren Streblo
Mallory Brooks  Matthew Damschroder  Megan DeLong
Megan DeSalvo  Megan Dickey  Michelle Dominguez
Madalyn Mazur  Morgan Meyer  Matthew Piotrowiak
Megan Smeets  Nicole Bing  Nubari Kanee
Gindy Nguyen  Natalie Statham  Nolan Valdivia
Bobby Castillo  Ryan Holden  Rachel Schneider
Rachel Stevenson  Rachel Wimberly  Samantha Baginski
Sean Grady  Samantha Lenckos  Sannen McCrory
Sarah Menke  Stephanie Modert  Sydney Muchnik
Sarah Van Zee  Teri Renner  Van Miller
Vandhana Rajarathnam  Yangyuan Xu


Alpha Phi Omega: 914 hours
Sigma Delta Pi: 783 hours
Peace Garden: 570 hours
Habitat for Humanity: 440


Q: My entire team/club/sorority/department/class is doing a project, do we all have to enter a form?

A: One representative can enter the form for the team to “get credit” for the project. There is a section to enter the emails of everyone involved in a group project.

Q: Why do we have to keep track of this?

A: Community engagement is an important part of the IWU culture. Knowing more about how we serve will help us to better support you and how you want to serve.

Q: What counts? My internship? The hours I did for a class? Tutoring at my church? Raising money for charity?

A: Anything that helps to make the community a better place. For the Give a Day Campaign, we are counting it ALL. The form allows you to say whether you were doing your hours for credit or not for credit, paid or not paid, and many other scenarios. 

Q: What happens when I hit the 24 hour challenge?

A: You join the Give a Day Circle which comes with an invite to the Community Engagement banquet in the spring and a certificate. If you are a senior, you get to wear service cords at graduation.


If you still have questions, just send us an email at

Thanks for your support of the Give a Day campaign and for all you do in the community,


Why is Community Engagement Important?