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What is the Give A Day Challenge?

Illinois Wesleyan students, faculty and staff are encouraged to give at least one day of community engagement--24 hours--each school year. The Give A Day Challenge encourages the IWU community to partner with the greater Bloomington-Normal community to share their passions and talents. By participating in the Give A Day Challenge, IWU community members are living out the IWU and ARC missions. You may be asking yourself "What counts?" The answer is volunteering, being an intern for a non-profit or business, service leadership (i.e. serving on a non-profit board), or serving in a civic engagement role (i.e. serving the community in an elected position, such as mayor or alderperson).  

Pledge to Give A Day

Join the challenge by Pledging to Give Your Day! Complete the pledge and you will receive volunteer opportunities tailored to your passions and interests. Sign the Give A Day Pledge! You can also stop by any Give A Day table on campus, or the ARC Tank (CLA 146), and sign the paper version of the pledge.

The Circle

Record your community engagement hours with our simple form, linked above. ARC will give prizes throughout the year for individuals who "Join the Circle" by giving 24 hours of service. Circle Members will be invited to join us for the Community Engagement Banquet in April, and students who give 24 hours of service each school year will earn service cords to be worn at graduation.



Our Progress

According to, the value of one hour of volunteer time in Illinois is $24.74.  Since May 1, 2015, IWU community members have already reported 32,910 hours of community engagement, equal to $814,193.40 worth of service. Our goal is to complete 45,000 hours of community engagement for the 2015-2016 Give A Day Campaign.





Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: My entire team/club/sorority/department/class is doing a project, do we all have to enter a form?

A: One representative can enter the form for the team to “get credit” for the project. There is a section to enter the emails of everyone involved in a group project.

Q: Why do we have to keep track of this?

A: Community engagement is an important part of the IWU culture. Knowing more about how we serve will help us to better support you and how you want to serve.

Q: What counts? My internship? The hours I did for a class? Tutoring at my church? Raising money for charity?

A: Anything that helps to make the community a better place. For the Give a Day Campaign, we are counting it ALL. The form allows you to say whether you were doing your hours for credit or not for credit, paid or not paid, and many other scenarios. 

Q: What happens when I hit the 24 hour challenge?

A: You join the Give a Day Circle which comes with an invite to the Community Engagement banquet in the spring and a certificate. If you are a senior, you get to wear service cords at graduation.

If you still have questions, just send us an email at

Thanks for your support of the Give a Day campaign and for all you do in the community!