The Community Partnership Program is the only internship of its kind across the 2013 CPP internscountry. What makes it unique is the 3-2-1 format. State Farm hires IWU students as fulltime interns. They work 3 days per week at State Farm where they are assigned to a department and given projects and responsibilities. For 2 days per week, ARC places them with a community partner where they are also given projects to manage. And 1 night per week, the students meet with ARC and learn about community development, leadership, and non-profit infrastructure. This 3-2-1 experience gives students a look at how for-profit, non-profit and higher education work together in Bloomington-Normal.

Program Goals:

  • Promote the collaborative relationships between multiple institutions (State Farm, Illinois Wesleyan University, the not-for-profit agency) serving a shared community;

  • Develop well-rounded and thoughtful citizens that can engage in the community in meaningful ways for a lifetime; 

  • Teach interns about State Farm as a global insurance and financial leader,  a role model of business-community partnership, and important cornerstone of the local community;

  • Create future community leaders by giving them important tools and allowing them to explore various roles – direct service provider, service recipient, staff, volunteer, donor, and Board member;

  • Create a systemic change within organizations by utilizing students in challenging capacities that require critical analysis and strategic thinking; and

  • Expose students to “beyond the classroom” experiences and illustrate how text book lessons and real life examples align, conflict and co-exist.

There are profiles of CPP interns on the ARC blog