The Action Research Center offers two classes during the academic year. These classes are open to all majors. Students should consult with their faculty advisor on whether the seminar is a good fit for their course of study.

In the fall, ARC offers the Action Research Seminar. This class examines the relationship between higher education and neighborhood revitalization. IWU is dedicated to local community development efforts and these partnerships provide excellent learning and engagement opportunities. In the class, students work individually or in small groups on projects that advance the mission of the West Bloomington Revitalization Project (WBRP). Students meet with Westside neighbors and community leaders. Some class sessions are held in the community at not-for-profits and businesses.

What has ARC done with the WBRP? Click here for examples of past and current projects.

In the spring, ARC offers a class in basic grant writing. Grant Writing is a useful professional skill that can apply to many fields of study. During the class, students learn about fundraising challenges and opportunities facing non-profits today. Students are paired with a local not-for-profit agency and write real grants in order to raise real money. Students have secured over $25,000 for Bloomington-Normal each semester the class has been offered. In the first major assignment, students write a mini-grant for $500 for a project they create that connects the campus and the community. For the second major assignment, students identify and write a grant with a value of at least $5000 for their community partner.

For examples of grants authored by students, please click here.