ARC offers the City Internship every spring. Students may or may not receive credit for the internship and should consult with their academic advisor. Students must be available on Monday nights for city council meetings and for workshops. Students are also required to give at least 10 hours per week to their assigned department at the city.

The City Internship is a unique partnership between local government and higher education.  It achieves the city’s mission of effective management and the universities’ missions of engaged citizenship.  The program leverages the best of both worlds to create a challenging and meaningful experience for students who are interested in government and democracy.

The City Internship provides an intense and multi-faceted view of local government. The program aims to challenge, inspire and empower students to engage in the community.  It will also provide the training, tools and models to create effective leaders now and in the future.  The City Internship is an opportunity to build bridges across campuses, across the city and across the community.  This is also an opportunity to inspire young people to consider public-sector careers.

Program Goals for City Interns

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the operations of city government and the relationship between city government and local public and private institutions
  • Address a project of importance to the municipality in a cost-effective way, producing a quality product
  • Develop themselves as young leaders in our community and serve as role models for civic engagement among community youth
  • Apply theoretical models of democracy and citizenship
  • Gain experience in a public organization to inform their future career path

If you are interested in the City Internship program, please contact ARC for more information including deadlines. Look for examples of City Intern projects at