Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


Q: Do I have to take all of these courses on top of all of the other courses I need to take for my major?

A: The courses that you take for your major can count for Peace Corps Prep as well. Some of the courses will probably overlap. When you meet with your Peace Corps Prep Coordinator, you will map out a plan for how all of the courses fit together.


Q: We don't offer an agriculture major here but I am really interested in that particular sector. How do I make that work?

A: You have to take 3 courses related to the sector. Work with your Peace Corps Prep Coordinator to find courses that might be a good fit for agriculture. There might be courses in environmental studies, biology, or even political science. Make sure you work with ARC to find an opportunity for your 50 hours of service that aligns with agriculture. You can work on a farm, assist with land conservancy, or care for bees in an organic orchard. There are many wonderful opportunities to serve in each of the six sectors.


Q: I would like to talk to someone about her/his service in the Peace Corps. Can Peace Corps Prep connect me with someone here in town?

A: We can! There are Returned Peace Corps volunteers in our community that would be happy to talk with you. There are many resources for you to consider.


Q: I don't think I want to live outside of the US and I am more interested in domestic service programs. Is Peace Corps Prep still valuable to me?

A: Thank you for making service programs part of your future. Peace Corps Prep can have value to anyone interested in making a difference in the world. Having hands on experience in the community and studying intercultural competence will be of great value no matter what your future endeavors.


Q: If I am not a US citizen, can I still participate in the Peace Corps Prep program?

A: You cannot serve in the Peace Corps unless you are a US citizen but you can participate in Peace Corps Prep. Participating in the Peace Corps Prep program is excellent training for global service in any capacity.


Q: Is there a cost to participate in Peace Corps Prep?

A: No. Peace Corps Prep is free.


Q: Is the Peace Corps Prep application the same as applying to the Peace Corps?

A: Applying to the Peace Corps is an entirely separate process than applying for Peace Corps Prep. Your Peace Corps Prep Coordinator can help to connect you to your Peace Corps Prep recruiter. There are frequent opportunities to talk with a recruiter on campus and lots of useful information on line to support you as you explore the Peace Corps.


Q: Can I join the Peace Corps Prep RSO even if I am not in the Peace Corps Prep program?

A: Sure! The RSO welcomes all students interested in the Peace Corps and issues related to global citizenship. We hope you will join us for our speakers, activities, and service projects throughout the year.