Finance Minor for Non-Accounting Majors

This minor in finance is designed for students who major in disciplines other than accounting, business administration, finance, international business, or marketing. It offers students in non-business fields an opportunity to complement their major, and broaden learning experiences and professional opportunities by providing training in financial topics and analysis.

▷ An additional option for a finance minor is available for accounting majors.

The finance minor helps students create value in any type of business, non-profit, or government organization.

Minor Sequence in Finance

A minimum of six courses to include:

1) Accounting 112, Finance 303, Economics 227

2) Three additional finance courses chosen from the following list:

  1. Financial Statement Analysis (FIS 305)
  2. Investments (FIS 309)
  3. Portfolio Management (FIS 409)
  4. Special Topics in Finance (FIS 370). May be repeated for different topics
  5. Risk Management/ Property-Liability Insurance (FIS 304)
  6. Life Health/Social Insurance (FIS 307)
  7. Seminar in Finance (FIS 300) May be repeated for different topics