At Illinois Wesleyan, the accounting faculty emphasize how much students learn and participate.

Our accounting majors take courses in mathematics, statistics, economics, management, finance, marketing, and information systems as well as accounting and law courses to receive the broad training needed for the field.

▷ Video: Weighing options for a major in financial services or accounting, or a minor in risk management.

Bright Futures

Accountants are in demand by many types of organizations. They play a pivotal role in making key decisions for private companies, public accounting firms, government agencies, and not-for-profit agencies.

In recent years, Illinois Wesleyan accounting graduates have accepted positions with all of the major accounting firms and with leading corporations around the country.

Accounting students at Illinois Wesleyan are well prepared for careers and able to take the CPA exam by their senior year.

Corporate recruiters have often commented on how much they enjoy visiting the IWU campus because of the poise and preparation of the candidates in our accounting program. Some accounting graduates have earned master's or doctoral degrees and gone on to teach at the university level.

Most students supplement their undergraduate work by sitting for the certified public accounting (CPA) exam.