In addition to his current position at Dow Chemical, David Wilkins  '74 has worked as the company's Director of Global Diversity and headed its Office of Ethics and Compliance. He also previously served as Vice President of Diversity for the American Red Cross.
Your hometown? Evanston, Illinois
Why Wesleyan? I won the lottery…the “draft” lottery. The Vietnam-era draft was still in place and recently converted to a lottery. I delayed my college search too long and needed to make a quick decision. IWU or boot camp! The easiest decision of my life.
Your major? American Studies, an interdisciplinary program. For me, it was ideal. A combination of American history, literature, political science and very little lab science or math.
Favorite professor or class? Paul Bushnell and Bob Bray were my principal professors in the program, and they were also wonderful coaches and friends. I could have easily seen myself pursuing an academic career, modeled after these two characters.
After Wesleyan? Law school at the University of Illinois, marriage to my Wesleyan sweetheart, Lois Bright Wilkins, and life!
Biggest thrill or best memory? A toss-up between the birth of my kids and hot air ballooning over Kenya.
For fun? Movies, reading, guitar, jazz
The best? A long holiday at the beach with my family.
Favorite book? The Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison
Favorite movie? The Star Trek Series
Favorite band? War
Favorite quote? “The time is always right to do what is right.” — Martin Luther King
David Wilkins
David Wilkins served as an Illinois Wesleyan Alumni Association trustee from 1983-1989, and has been a member of the University's Board of Trustees since 2006.

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