Bridget Wall '08 was a 2007 Truman Scholarship finalist, one of four finalists for the award at Illinois Wesleyan in five years.
Your hometown? Maplewood, Minnesota (a suburb of Minneapolis/ St. Paul).

Why Wesleyan?

I met Bob Geraty (from Admissions) at a college fair and he really sold me on the school and programs.  My campus visit was really positive too: I liked the opportunities available in both the music and biology departments.
Your major? Biology major, music minor.
Favorite professor or favorite class? Favorites are hard for me to choose since I have been in so many great classes. However, I'd have to say that being a general biology teaching assistant was my favorite "class." 

There is nothing that compares to spending early mornings with jellyfish, punnet squares, arteries of the fetal pig, and just being there to talk with students about life, roommates, Saga food, and some biology thrown in for good measure.

After Wesleyan?

Right now I'm a student in the PhD program in biological engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  I work in the lab of Dr. Jacquin Niles, engineering molecular tools to allow further study of the malaria parasite.

I'm not sure where I'm headed after MIT, but I hope to be involved with education, public health, advocacy, environmental sustainability, and biology.  I'm also staying involved with music through the MIT Symphony, which has been lots of fun!

Biggest thrill? It's a tie: being in a research lab at 1 a.m. and seeing the results for an experiment that actually worked — or playing music with high-quality brass parts in orchestra (anything by Shostakovitch, Mahler, Respighi, Hindemith...what fantastic music!)
For fun? Shopping at thrift stores, traveling, cooking, working out.
Favorite band? Cake, Regina Spektor, Ok Go, Varttina, Frank Sinatra, Oren Lavie, Beirut
Favorite movie? Water, Kill Bill, Lord of the Rings, Persepolis, American History X, Wallace and Gromit, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (and Ever After as a guilty pleasure).

Bridget Wall

Bridget Wall was a biology tutor, a member of the Illinois Wesleyan Civic Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Horn Ensemble and Brass Quintet, and was a founding member of the campus chapter of the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance.

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