Sandy Tun received a 2008 Student Laureate Award from the Lincoln Academy of Illinois. Among her many activities, she volunteers with BroMenn Adult Day Services and coordinates Red Cross blood drives on campus.
Your hometown? Spring Valley, Illinois
Why Wesleyan? Liberal arts education, the reputation of exceptional academics, small class sizes
Your major? Biology major, psychology minor
Favorite professor or class? Dr. Susie Balser, Invertebrate Zoology and Dr. Kira Hudson-Banks, Psychology of Racism
After Wesleyan? University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine in the fall
Biggest thrill or memory? At Illinois Wesleyan, one of my favorite memories is becoming a family with fellow students during the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs' 2006 Summer Enrichment Program.
For fun? Watching movies and spending time with family and friends.
The best? Being able to make a difference in someone else’s life, realizing that someone else has taken the time to make a difference in mine.
Favorite book? Slaughterhouse Five
Favorite band? The Beatles
Favorite movie? Life is Beautiful
Favorite quote? "Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony."

Sandy Tun

Sandy Tun works at the Multicultural Center on campus and is involved in forming a new support group for diverse students, Audacity of Success.

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