Dan Terkla, professor of English, is a medievalist whose research includes the 720-year-old world map in England’s Hereford Cathedral.
Your Hometown? Long Beach, California, where I grew up bodysurfing, hitchhiking the coast, camping and listening to the San Francisco sound—oh, and I worked on the Goodyear Blimp.
Alma Mater? My Ph.D. is in Comparative Literature and Medieval Studies from the University of Southern California.
Why Wesleyan? The opportunity to teach in a supportive environment at a small liberal arts college—although I wasn’t sure about the landscape.
Your teaching? Medieval literature, art, and culture, particularly Chaucer and the 12th-century continental tradition; 19th-century English medievalism; word-and-image theory; along with the Beat Generation and its connections to the 60s and 70s.
For fun? Travel, travel, travel. At home: extreme gardening and tinkering with our 1952 MG TD roadster, a wonderful neverending story.  As an avid cyclist I’ve come to appreciate the endless rural roads that wind through the farmlands of central Illinois.  Sunrise over the corn really can be magical.
The best?  Fog at Big Sur; no, just Big Sur.
Favorite book?  If only there were just one. . . .
Favorite music?  Anything by Los Lobos or Richard Thompson; currently, the Modern Jazz Quartet, and Les Arts Florrisants
Favorite movies?  Dr. Strangelove, Wings of Desire
Favorite quotation? “Every difference makes a difference.” WJT Mitchell

Dan Terkla
English at Illinois Wesleyan introduces the historical, formal, and artistic aspects of literature. It enhances critical thinking, analytical skills, and our understanding of the qualities and contexts of human experience conveyed through literature.

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