Greg Shaw teaches courses on public opinion, political psychology, American social policy, the American presidency and Congress. His latest book traces the history of the welfare debate in America. In 2007, he was elected the Student Senate Professor of the Year.
Your alma mater? Southwestern Oklahoma State University (B.A.); Columbia University (everything else).
Your hometown? No single answer here: Born at West Point, the military academy on the Hudson River; raised in suburban Maryland; went to college in Oklahoma, grad school in New York; lived here in Bloomington for about 7 years.
Why Wesleyan? I wanted to teach at a small, selective liberal arts school, and this one fills the bill. I was attracted to the Midwest ... for reasons I began to wonder about this past March when the long winter was getting old.
Your teaching? Yep, that's what I spend most of my time thinking about. It's fun. It's always changing. And the students keep me young.
Wesleyan students? Very interesting to work with. Bright, hard-working, eager to teach me things I didn't know before.
Biggest thrill? Academically: When a student says, "I disagree with your premise, and let me tell you why."

In life more generally: time spent with my kids.

For fun? Bike riding
Favorite book? Steinbeck's East of Eden
Favorite band? Jethro Tull
Favorite quote? "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."  Margaret Mead

Greg Shaw

Political Science at Illinois Wesleyan is taught with the belief that anyone who wants to play an active role in our society must have an understanding of the political systems and processes that affect our lives.

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