Amanda Potter '10 was a distance runner on the IWU track and field team.
Your hometown? Bourbonnais, Illinois – summer home of the Chicago Bears
Why Wesleyan? I loved the small school benefits of knowing your classmates & professors, the excellent nursing program, the location, and I loved the cross country/ track and field teams.
Your major? Nursing
Favorite professor or favorite class? Dr. Carolyn Jarvis – sweetest lady! My favorite class: Acting for Non-Majors.
After Wesleyan? I want to work in a hospital and continue my education to specialize in labor and delivery.
Biggest thrill? Cramming 17 people into a dorm room to watch the NFL playoffs while enjoying Bloomington's finest Prime-Time Pizza! Go Bears!
For fun? Hanging out with my Kappa sisters!
The best? Laughing until your stomach hurts. And love.
Favorite book? Harry Potter – we share the same last name.
Favorite band? Goo Goo Dolls! Even though I'm a huge country music fan.
Favorite quote? "If you believe then you will achieve." My high school cross country and track coach, Mike Owens, would say this.

Amanda Potter

Students enrolled in the School of Nursing at Illinois Wesleyan find their nursing courses blend with the University's liberal arts curriculum.

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