Carolyn Nadeau has been named to a new endowed professorship, established by alumnus and benefactor Byron S. Tucci as part of the University's Transforming Lives Campaign.

Your hometown?

Washington, D.C.

Alma mater?

University of Virginia (B.A.), New York University (M.A.), Penn State University (Ph.D.)

Why Wesleyan?

I love the people connected with Illinois Wesleyan: faculty, staff, and students!

Your teaching?

I regularly teach early modern and medieval literature and culture classes. I also teach beginner and intermediate language classes and have taught Literature in Translation, directed off-campus studies in London and Madrid, and taught both in the Humanities and Gateway.

One of my most memorable teaching experiences was the Don Quijote course in Madrid during the 400th anniversary of the first publication of the novel; 14 students and I lived and breathed the novel as we learned about sixteenth and seventeenth-century Spain and the amazing effect Cervantes still has on Spanish culture today.

Wesleyan students?

Young, energetic, ready to change the world.

Biggest thrill?

A couple of recent thrills that come to mind are running in the Madrid marathon and talking with Barack Obama under the bean in Millennium Park.

For fun?

Going for walks in Merwin Preserve (especially around bluebell blossom time), drinks with the girlfriends, hanging with the family, running, swimming, laughing.

The best?

Eating dinner at the kitchen table with the family.

Favorite book?

Impossible question; there’s WAY too much excellent literature out there. A recent one is Richard Powers’ The Echo Maker. Of course I have to mention Don Quixote, always new insights come from reading that classic. And, I love reading books with my kids like the Pseudonymous Bosch or the Rick Riordan series. They are both tons of fun.

Favorite band?

The answer definitely depends on my mood and who I’m with. But, my kids and husband and I have been enjoying LCD Sound System recently, especially “All My Friends.” A couple years ago my husband and I and some friends went to see Dan Auerbach in Chicago and he was amazing! And, some thirty-plus years later, I still think there’s no beating Joni Mitchell’s voice.

Favorite movie?

We recently rented Departures by Yojiro Takita and wow! It was certainly one of my favorites in recent years.

Favorite quote?

Ms. Jennings at “A Child’s View” always tells her students, “make good choices.” I find myself often repeating that quote with my kids.

Carolyn Nadeau

Carolyn Nadeau participated in the University's Morocco Initiative, working to build collaboration with universities in the Islamic world. Closer to home, she forges connections in the community by engaging students' Spanish skills with area non-profit organizations.

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