Ronald Fowle Grider '12 participated in a research program at Harvard Medical School during the summer following his sophomore year, and at Southern Illinois University following his freshman year. He received an American Chemical Society (ACS) Scholar Program award.

Your hometown?

Peoria, Illinois

Why Wesleyan?

The rare find of high-quality science departments in which Ph.D.s truly interact one-on-one with undergraduates through teaching and research.

Your major?

Chemistry, with minors in biology and physics.

Favorite professor or class?

Genetics with Dr. David Bollivar and any physics class with Dr. Gabe Spalding.

After Wesleyan?

Begin the marathon of obtaining an M.D./Ph.D. degree by enrolling in a physician-scientist program at a medical school.

Biggest thrill or best memory?

Late night deep (though usually pointless) discussions/arguments about life with college friends.

For fun?

Music jamming, anything that makes me sweat (athletics), typical college kid pastimes.

The best? 

Cinnamon pop tarts, experiments that actually work, a well-played violin concerto, cool science majors.

Favorite book?

The Bible, Frankenstein, The Lord of the Rings trilogy

Favorite movie?

The Lord of the Rings trilogy

Favorite quote?

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” – Lao Tzu

While at Illinois Wesleyan, Ronald Fowle Grider '12 has played violin with the Illinois Wesleyan Civic Orchestra and Chamber Ensemble. He has been involved in the Chemistry Club on campus and volunteered in the community at Advocate BroMenn Medical Center.

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