Emilee Bocker '07, now enrolled in medical school, served as a student representative on the Strategic Planning and Budgeting Committee and on the executive board of the Student Senate while at Illinois Wesleyan.
Your hometown? Lanark, Illinois
Why Wesleyan? The atmosphere — the first time I visited campus I felt at home, and I was also very impressed with what I saw.
Your major? I was a biology major and German minor. The biology major gave me the preparation that I needed to apply and be accepted to medical schools. The biology faculty challenges students, and that’s exactly what I’ve found to be the case in medical school.
After Wesleyan? I attend the University of Illinois College of Medicine.
For fun? Titan basketball and Hansen Student Center events. Wesleyan students are lucky to have all of that entertainment for free!
Favorite professor? Dr. (Robert) Hippensteele—although he was somewhat intimidating my first year, he was my faculty advisor from sophomore year on. Dr. Hippensteele was a source of encouragement and was always willing to help students.
The best? All of the organizations that you can participate in, or even the chance to start a new one! I especially enjoyed being involved in DRL and having the opportunity to serve the community, and even travel internationally (to Costa Rica) to spread the word of God.
Biggest challenge? First year Gen Bio and Gen Chem! It’s there to test your dedication… but in reality it’s good preparation for medical school.
Some advice? Take advantage of every opportunity that you have. You never know what connections you might make in the process and how this could influence your life in the future.
Favorite quote? "You cannot teach what you do not know, nor lead where you do not go." — Anonymous.

I think it’s very important to be an example and to work hard to accomplish goals. Illinois Wesleyan is known for its production of good students and future leaders. I want to be someone who helps the tradition continue.

Emilee Bocker
More than 80 percent of Illinois Wesleyan pre-med biology graduates are admitted to medical school on their first try, compared to just 50 percent nationally for all majors.

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