Students voted Michael Theune Professor of the Year in 2008. He also received the Outstanding Sponsor Award from international English honor society Sigma Tau Delta for his work with Illinois Wesleyan’s Alpha Eta Pi chapter.

Your hometown?

Dutch Calvinist, all over the U.S. (My dad was a minister.)

Alma Mater?

Oxford, by way of Hope College, Michigan.

Why Wesleyan?

Who doesn’t want to be Normal?  I mean, Bloomington.

Your teaching?

Highly participatory.

Wesleyan students?

Geniusly playful.

Biggest thrill?

The Library of Congress.

For fun?

Making things pretty.

The best?

Garlic naan.

Favorite book?

Keats’ letters.

Favorite band?

Rubber.  Hair.  Cover.

Favorite movie?

My Little Pony and the Temple of the Lost Star

Favorite quote?

"Live every week like it’s Shark Week." —Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock
Michael Theune

Michael Theune takes a fresh approach to poetry in his book, Structure and Surprise: Engaging Poetic Turns. He continues to explore this approach on his blog.

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