Carlina Tapia-Ruano '77 heads the law firm of Tapia-Ruano & Gunn P.C. in Chicago. A native of Cuba, she has served as president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.
Your hometown? LaGrange, Ill.
Why Wesleyan? I was the daughter of two Methodist ministers (both Mom and Dad) at the time, and IWU was a Methodist university.
Your major? I started out as a political science major (hated it), and soon thereafter changed to history. 

It was a good move; I loved history and loving it helped me get the grades I needed to get into law school.

Favorite professor? Not only was Dr. Michael Young my favorite teacher, but without his inspiration and guidance, I doubt I would have made it into law school.
After Wesleyan?  I attended DePaul College of Law and obtained my JD in 1980. (PS, I hated law school.)
Biggest thrill at IWU?  Actually – graduating!!!
For fun?  I loved going to see all the films and special programs I attended on Friday night at the Memorial Center. 

It was cheap entertainment and a great place to socialize with the other students.

The best?  Loved the “quad”. Most of my personal and favorite memories of conversations or events took place in the open, on the “quad.”
Favorite book? Whichever one I happen to be reading at the moment – right now it's A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini.
Favorite artist?  Nora Jones, Gloria Estefan, Silvio Rodriguez, Eric Clapton, James Taylor, etc.
Favorite movie?  Too many to list – but a random sampling are: Casablanca, almost all of the Fred Astaire/Ginger Roger dance films, the BBC’s film series of Pride and Prejudice, and even all the Harry Potter films! 
Favorite quote? "When that train of opportunity comes rolling in, you better be prepared to climb on board!” — My father.
Carlina Tapia Ruano
Carlina Tapia-Ruano is a member of Illinois Wesleyan's Board of Trustees. She received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree when she delivered the University's Commencement address in 2004.

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