Jo Lacy's research interests include "Auditing and the Sociopathic Manager," and both the perceived ambiguity and the usefulness of accounting information.

Your hometown?

Fort Washington, Maryland

Alma Mater?

Hampton University. Go HU!!

Why Wesleyan?

I love the liberal arts environment. In addition, I have the opportunity to teach classes that I am passionate about. The class sizes are great, providing me with the freedom to try new techniques and work more closely with each student. On top of all that, the students are awesome!

Your teaching?

In my class, teaching means applying concepts, exploring ideas and learning from each other.

Wesleyan students?

I love the students. Overall, they seem more self-confident and well-rounded than the students I have met at some other universities.

Biggest thrill?

I am the happiest when I am with family and friends. Good times…

For fun?

Poker…enough said.

The best?

Thanksgiving dinner is the best!!!! Come on! Turkey, dressing and gravy, ham, rolls, mac 'n' cheese, sweet potatoes, oh yeah ... and something green. What's not to love?

Favorite book?

The Millionaire Next Door - good book.

Favorite band?

Give me some India Arie, Nora Jones, Stevie Wonder or Earth Wind and Fire

Favorite movie?

Scarface, The Usual Suspects, Goodfellas, Pulp Fiction
Jo Lacy
Illinois Wesleyan accounting graduates recently had the highest pass rate on the CPA exam of any accounting program in the state.

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