Titans Strive to Better Their Communities

ASB painting crew
Students in the IWU chapter of Habitat for Humanity painted houses (and possibly each other) during Alternative Spring Break in Mobile, Ala.

An important part of the liberal arts is educating students to become engaged global citizens. The Illinois Wesleyan community critically examines questions related to human freedom and dignity. Students are encouraged to connect with local, national and global human rights advocates, groups and organizations.

▷ The Action Research Center coordinates community-based research projects tied to the curriculum, coupling students with community partners to work together as agents of positive change.  ARC is located on the first floor of the Ames Library.

▷ The Hart Career Center provides career planning assistance and connects students with community employers through experiential learning opportunities, internships and jobs. The Hart Career Center is located on the second floor of the Welcome Center.

▷The Center for Human Rights and Social Justice supports campus initiatives related to human rights and social justice, which play a prominent role in the mission and curriculum of Illinois Wesleyan University. The CHRSJ is located in CLA 351.

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