Phi Beta Kappa (PBK) Society

Lambda of Illinois Chapter of IWU, Chartered in 2001



New members of PBK were inducted at the 14th Annual Initiation Ceremony, on Sunday, April 12, 2015 at 7:00 pm, in the Joslin Atrium, Memorial Center. See here for pictures.


Are you an IWU student who was just invited to join PBK? Click here for instructions on how to accept your invitation online.



Thursday, May 1PBK Fellows Program. Access the application form here.

Please send all materials to Prof. Rebecca Gearhart at



Nora Peterson

NoraDuring my term as a Phi Beta Kappa Fellow, I was able to engage with the Wesleyan community on a whole new level. As someone who is interested in joining Academia professionally, it was exciting to have first-hand experience with promoting student-faculty collaboration and with implementing and developing co-curricular, interdisciplinary programming for the student body. Additionally, as a Phi Beta Kappa Fellow, I have received many opportunities to spend time with some of Wesleyan's most prestigious guests, which has truly been an honor. Overall, I have had an extremely positive experience with the program and would recommend my fellow Phi Beta Kappa members to seriously consider taking advantage of this opportunity to enrich their experience here at Wesleyan.

Ariel Smith

Ariel SmithIt was an honor to spend a semester in the Phi Beta Kappa Fellows program. This program afforded me many new occasions to build upon my leadership, event-organization, and technical skills (such as creating and formatting websites) and to participate in the Illinois Wesleyan community and other academic communities in new, meaningful ways. Especially enjoyable for me was the chance to learn more about social justice and nonprofit organizations in the local area through the “Unraveling Inequality” course cluster, and to put this knowledge to use in workshops that brought topics of social justice to light for other members of the IWU and Bloomington-Normal communities. Meeting people from nonprofit organizations and scholars from around the globe offered me a fresh perspective for which I am grateful. I would sincerely encourage fellow students to participate in the PBK Fellows program!

Lexi Baltes

Lexi Baltes

As a Phi Beta Kappa fellow I had the unique opportunity and privilege to collaborate with students and faculty of varying disciplines. This experience not only taught me about the awesome things already going on our campus and sharpened my technological and communication skills, but also opened my eyes to the power and possibility of interdisciplinary student-faculty partnership towards the goal of "Unraveling Inequality".





Manh Dao

Manh Dao

I find the Phi Beta Kappa Fellows experience very worthwhile in my senior year, as I am actually promoting real student participation here at Wesleyan. In organizing a Course Cluster Open House, I got to talk with many professors and learn about student engagements in inequality issue, and we are planning to build a shantytown in front of the Ames Library for every student and faculty to see and learn. How cool is that? And organization skills, webpage management, communication skills are some extras to pick up along the way.


Lauren Henry 

Lauren Henry

 Working with Professor Gearhart as a Phi Beta Kappa Fellow has enhanced my experience as a senior by giving me the opportunity to demonstrate the values and skills I have gained throughout college, such as responsibility, communication, and how to work independently as well as with others. Helping coordinate everything for the course cluster has allowed me to work with faculty and staff on campus in a capacity that goes beyond what one might get to experience as simply a student. Being a fellow on this campus illustrates that I have chosen to take my education to another level and that I now have the experience and abilities that are applicable in my future career and life. Ultimately, it has been one of the most valuable opportunities that I have been able to engage in during my college career.


School year 2013-14, the fellows brought the theme "Unraveling Inequality"to the Course Cluster. Please find out more about the Course Cluster and calendar of events here.