Women's Studies Major Requirements

A minimum of ten courses (four courses must be at the 300-400 level) to include:

  1. Women’s Studies 101 :  Introduction to Women’s Studies (CSI, U)

  2. History 244: Women and the American Experience (CHC, U)

  3. Six additional courses designated as Women's Studies courses. Courses must be chosen from at least two  different divisions, schools, or programs, and within those, from at least three different departments or disciplines.

  4. One course focused on non-western, minority, or immigrant women. Choose from among these: ANT 350; ANT 352; ENG 170*; ENG 259; HIS 343; LC 207; LC 350; SOC 354

  5. Women's Studies 490: Senior Seminar (W)

English 170: Special Topics: Bad Girls (LIT) Or Women and Literature (LIT, U) or 20th Century Women Writers (LIT) or A Woman’s Place (LIT)
English 170 :  Special Topics: Third World Women Speak (LIT, G)
English 220: Literature and its Signs: An (Un)Suitable Job for a Woman (LIT) o r New Woman: A Literary History (LIT) or Shakespeare’s Shrews (LIT, W)
English 259:Sex, Text, and Tradition in Black Women's Fiction (LIT, U)
English 361: Gender and the Novel (LIT, U)
English 370: Special Topics*
Greek & Roman Studies 312 : Sex/ Gender in Ancient Greece/ Rome (CH, W)
Lit/Culture 207 : Language and Gender (CSI, G)
Lit/Culture 274: Superwomen of Central European Fiction and Film (CHC, G, W)
Lit/Culture 350 : Terrible Perfection: Women in Russian Lit/Cinema (LIT, G)
Philosophy 230 : Philosophy of Feminism (AV, U)
Religion 106 : Women, Religion and Spirituality (CSI, G)
Religion 324 : Sexuality and Christianity (AV)

Anthropology 350 : Birthing, Healing, Dying in Cross Cultural Perspective (G, W)
Anthropology 352 : Gender in Cross Cultural Perspective (CSI, G)
History 244: Women and the American Experience (CHC, U)
History 249: Revolutions in American Childhood and Family Life (CHC, U)*
History 323
: Sex, Gender and Power Under King James (CHC)*
History 343 : U.S. Immigration History (CHC, U)
History 350: Women, Work, and Leisure 1890-1930 (CHC, U)
History 390 : Special Topics*
Political Science 220 : Women and Politics (CSI, U)
Political Science 270 : Special Topics*
Sociology 222 : Sex and Gender in the U.S. (CSI, U)
Sociology 311 : Marriage and the Family
Sociology 354 : Gender and Globalization (G)
Sociology 355 : Special Topics*

Health 310 : Special Topics in Health*
Health 330: Human Sexuality (AV)
Health 351 : Abuse in America

Psychology 333 : Psychology of Gender (U) (prereq. PSY 100; some sections for Psych majors only)

Theatre 370 : Special Topics*

*Applies if course has significant women’s issues content. Contact Women’s Studies Director for advice.