IWU Textile Recycle Program


It’s easy; it’s convenient, and a continuous way to move out the clothes and textile clutter in your home. Home Sweet Home Mission (HSHM) has provided us with collection bins that are in three locations on campus. There is a bin located in Shirk just outside of the Wellness office, a bin located in Hansen Student Center just inside the entrance to the building and a bin located in Memorial Center by the information desk.  It’s a convenient way to drop-off unwanted clothing, textiles and shoes. These items will go back to HSHM and be sorted. Usable items will be sold in the Mission Mart, and items past their useful life will be recycled into new textiles and goods! All the proceeds from these efforts go to assist the homeless members of our community. Stop and drop off your unwanted items, and give them a second chance while keeping them out of our over flowing landfill!