Student Honors Papers

The Student Honors Papers collection represents exemplary work in anthropology and sociology at Illinois Wesleyan University. The Ames Library is proud to archive these and other honors projects in Digital Commons @ IWU, the University's online archive of student, faculty and staff scholarship and creative activity.

An Analysis of the Effects of Prejudice and Discrimination on Members of the Negro Minority Through the Study of Richard Wright's Native Son and The Long Dream
by Marilea White

The purpose of this research paper is to study the effects of prejudice o

n the members of a minority group. More specifically the paper will include an analysis of Richard Wright's Native Son and The Long Dream, with Racial and Cultural Minorities by George Simpson and J. Milton Yinger as background material regarding

race relations.

The Mousterian: A Study of a Paleolithic Tool Industry
by Loenoard A. Zalucha

This paper is designed to be a study of a Paleolithic flint industry: the Mousterian of Neanderthal man. It is a detailed analysis of the types and styles of flintwork which this early man produced. It will detail tool types, chipping techniques, regional varieties, and outside influences. It will explore the extent to which Neanderthal man worked in gone and how the Mousterian flint forms are mirrored in this other medium. It will shoe how the Mousterian developed and how it was influenced by earlier and contemporary industries.

Animal Sociology
by Joan Shambrook Weer

The study of animal behavior has fascinated man ever since the time of Aesop. By long historical tradition, people have seen parodies of human behavior in the actions of animals. However, this subject did not receive any serious attention from scientists until the middle of the nineteenth century, when Darwin'devoted part of his attention to the theory that the adaptation of an animal is largely accomplished through its behavior.

Groups Working to Releive Tension Between Minority and Dominant Groups
by Arline Cary '60

This paper will be primarily devoted to explaining the origin, functions, methods, and the accomplishments of the groups which have been most effective in bringing about changes for the betterment of minority and dominant group relations in the United States.

A study of religious education: its nature, its aims, its manifestations
by Barbara King

Much has been written today concerning religious and/or Christian education. Many questions have been raised as to the purpose and effectiveness of various religious education programs. This paper is concerned only with those programs which identify themselves as religious education programs. However, questions have been raised as to what approach to Christianity is being made within the framework of a said religious education program. What importance and meaning does an institution, more specifically, the organized church, give to its religious education program? The role of the religious education program is dependent primarily upon the institutional emphasis which is based on a specific theology . The more organized and hierarchical institutions seem to place a much heavier emphasis upon religious education programs while those institutions stressing fundamentalism give it a lesser importance in the total scope of the work of the institution. From this it follows that there will be considerable differences in terms of the differing emphases.

A look at the Protestant Church in the city
by David J. Hauman

It is the purpose of this study to explore some of the numerous facets of the church in the city and more especially the inner-city. Trite, though it may be, it should be stated that it would be utterly impossible to cover every aspect of this problem. Instead, the author wishes only to touch on a few chosen subjects in hopes that this will spark interested readers to further investigation. The magnitude of the problem is immense and could not possibly be covered in one paper, or in one volume.

Analysis of Social Involvement at Wesley Methodist Church
by Terry L. Clark

The theoretical concern of the study administered at Wesley United Methodist Church in this paper was to record to what extent a portion of the membership would allow the church to influence society beyond the church doors. This particular study sought to record the permissiveness of allowing social change to occur within Wesley Church itself as a social institution and outside this church as it sought to influence other social institutions (government, business, etc. ). In brief, the Wesley study records the openess to social change on the part of the membership.

On the threshold of community mental health
by Elizabeth Ann Glosser

In the midst of whirlwind social change, the United States finds its mobility and standard of living rising along with its crime rate and mental illness statistics. Though voluntary social welfare has historically undertaken the treatment of such social problems as emotional disturbance and marital discord, services seem unable to keep pace with the demands of modern living.

Careful community planning must organize the nation's many specialized social agencies to avoid overlapping and fragmentation of services in the face of growing needs. In McLean County, Illinois, as in every community, public goals and individual agency goals for mental health provisions must be predicated, above all, on service to the people.

This study proposes a plan by which the McLean County Mental Health Center and Family Service of McLean County can draw the community across that threshold and wedge it firmly in the door.

The Application of Principles of Behavior Modification and Control by the School Social Worker
by Jill Cannon '71

An Analysis of the History of Indian-White Relations in the United States
by Nancy A. Breville '60