The Student Senate functions with representatives from all areas of campus life. Currently the Student Senate has 36 total Senators: 8 Senators from each class, 2 Senators from Residence Hall Association, an Interfraternity Council Senator, and a Panhellenic Council Senator. 

Senators hold office hours every Monday and Thursday from 11am to 1pm at the Dugout Desk. Feel free to stop by and give them any concerns or problems you may be having, and we will work to resolve your issue as soon as possible! To see who will be holding office hours, go to


First Year Senators


jake jill awashington bstreu

       Jake Thaker                Jill Bookman           Aleya Washington              Brian Streu

marizza sophia rdolan dnugyen

      Marissa Cozzi             Sophia Nicolosi           Rachel Dolan                Duc Nguyen


Sophomore Senators

liz kitty jenni (Picture Not Available) 

    Elizabeth Hasset               Kitty White               Jennifer Chlebek         Katarina Waszak

maisie molly nikki nitesh

        Maisie Cox                  Molly Willeford            Nicole Chlebek             Nitesh Kumar


Junior Senators

alan breck colton          (no picture)

       Alan Russian               Breck Seitz                 Colton Wright            Kemi Adeleye

paige sneha zach          (no picture)

     Paige Kinnamon       Sneha Subramanian      Zachary Zimmer             Gavin Schroeder


Senior Senators

abby fil rea emcmahone

          Abby Mills               Filip Swist                    Rea Brattin                Erin McMahon

mark matt max mresurreccion

      Mark Schuette             Matthew Bishop           Max Renner         Michael Resurreccion

Residence Hall Association Senators

adam         (no picture)

 Adam Wallaser                 Kyle Serafico

Interfraternity Council Senator


       Robin Tumlos 

Panhellenic Council Senator


          Ahna Brill