Incoming Students
Housing Registration Process

As a new student attending Illinois Wesleyan University, there are many new and exciting experiences in store.  In the Office of Residential Life, we hope living in the residence halls at IWU will be one of those experiences. 

Even if the residence hall is not a student's selected housing during the first year at IWU, the Office of Residential Life collects local housing information for all students.  This information is made available to University offices, faculty, and others that may need to contact you throughout the year.

There are two processes for incoming students, either new to college (First-Year) or new to IWU (Transfers):

Additional information about the First-Year Experience, including Turning Titan, will be sent to you during the summer.  If you have any questions about the information contained in this message, please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience.


Matthew Damschroder
Assistant Dean of Students for Campus Life and 
Director of Residential Life

Students hang out in a residence hall lounge


Important News for the Incoming Class of Fall 2014

Important Dates

The following dates are also included on our Housing Selection Calendar.  Look for dates marked as "INCOMING."

The roommate matching process takes place in three rounds.  In each round, students who have completed the housing contract and roommate matching questionnaire by the deadline are matched with other students and placed in residence halls.  Any student who needs additional consideration (because a roommate leaves the IWU class, for instance) is re-housed in the next future cycle.

  • February 1st: Incoming housing registration begins.
  • May 14: Deadline to complete housing contract for inclusion in roommate matching round 1
  • May 22: Roommate matching round 1 notifications distributed
  • June 18: Deadline to complete housing contract for inclusion in roommate matching round 2
  • June 26: Roommate matching round 2 notifications distributed
  • July 23: Deadline to complete housing contract for inclusion in roommate matching round 3
  • July 31: Roommate matching round 3 notifications distributed
  • August 19: Residence Halls open for all incoming students to move in.
  • August 19: New Student Orientation (Turning Titan) begins for incoming students and parents.
  • August 25: Classes begin for fall semester.

Housing Registration Application

The housing registration process for students entering IWU in the fall begins during the first week of February.  Students who have submitted an Enrollment Card and deposit will be emailed (to the email address) a link to the online housing contract.

  • We have a dedicated YouTube channel, the IWU Housing Channel, available with instructions for log-in and navigating the MyHousing portal.

The housing contract (which includes the roommate matching questionnaire) can be accessed through this unique link. Once students have received their "" email address, included in the IWU Pre-Orientation Materials mailing, they can access thier unique Housing Contract link delivered to their email address.  Here are a few points to keep in mind regarding the housing application:

  • All housing registration and notification processes occur online.  Although we hand-match roommate pairs, our online process makes data handling much more effective, and therefore we are able to make assignments more efficiently.
  • Housing assignments are made in chronological order based on the date Enrollment Cards are received, not on the application completion date.  Please keep in mind that housing is guaranteed for all first-year students, regardless of enrollment date. 
  • Students who have not received Pre-Orientation Materials should contact the Office of Orientation Services (  Materials may take up to two weeks to be sent after your Enrollment Card has been received.
  • Students can log into the MyHousing portal to see information about their room assignment and meal plan choice.

If you do not have access to the Internet from home, you may want to use a local library or school district computer. 


Important News for the Transfer Class of Spring 2015

Important Dates

The following dates are also listed on our Housing Selection Calendar.

  • Spring 2015 Information will be updated in early October.

Housing Registration Process

The housing registration process for students entering IWU in the spring begins during the second week of December.   Due to the smaller number of students entering mid-year, our process is more condensed than in the fall.  Students who have submitted their Enrollment Card and deposit will receive a phone call from a professional staff member in the Office of Residential Life.

For students who are planning to commute from home or live out of the residence halls, we will be collecting local addresses during this conversation.  For students who will be living in the residence halls, the following are the typical series of events:

  • Through our initial conversation, we will determine your desired residence hall preference, preferred contact information, and meal plan choice.
  • You will then be provided with access to the MyHousing application.
  • Once we have your application, we look to match you with a student currently living in a room without a roommate. 
  • We make every effort to place you in your preferred residence hall, though our primary consideration is that we find a suitable roommate.
  • Once a placement is made, you will receive an email with information about your room (location, dimensions, furniture, etc.), contact information for your roommate, and check-in information. 


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