Staff Assistant
General Commitments

A lot of the work of ORL Staff members can't be quantified in a number of hours spent--it takes a different amount of time for one staff member to get to know residents than another. Additionally, it may take a different amount of time one month to prepare for a program than another. However, given these individual limitations, we've tried to give you a sense below of the general commitments the position requires.


Contact with supervisor
Check email, voicemail and ORL Staff Pipeline Group


Hall Staff Meetings 2 hours
One-on-Ones 1 hour
Job Shadowing (e.g., duty rounds, etc.)  

Twice Semesterly

Supporting campus-wide programming or the programming of residence hall traditions (e.g., Dolan Haunted House, Pfeiffer-Gulick Block Party)
ORL All-Staff Event (optional) 2 hours
Propose, attend and reflect upon an event or activity as a professional development 2 hours


Attend Convocations  
Housing Lottery Process Two evenings in late March
Staff Selection Process Irregular events in February/March and November


ORL Seal mark Our mission is facilitating enjoyable, sustainable and inclusive communities that support and enhance students' academic achievement and personal development.