First-Year Resident Advisor
General Commitments

A lot of the work of ORL Staff members can't be quantified in a number of hours spent--it takes a different amount of time for one staff member to get to know residents than another. Additionally, it may take a different amount of time one month to mentally prepare for a program than another. However, given these individual limitations, we've tried to give you a sense below of the general commitments the position requires.


Contact with Residence Director
Contact with residents (you should have contact with every resident every three days)
Check mailbox and post signs on floor
Check email and voicemail


Hall Staff Meetings 2 hours
One-on-Ones (or twice monthly for returning staff) 1 hour
Needs Assessment; Active or Passive Programs  
Programming Paperwork  
Communication Guide  
Duty Night *  

*More information follows

Twice Monthly

One-on-Ones (or weekly for new staff) 1 hour


Floor meetings 1 hour
Propose, attend and reflect upon an event or activity as a professional development 2 hours
Receipt/Reimbursement Paperwork  


Student room check-in and check-out  
Roommate conflict mediation  
Building openings and closings  
Attend Convocations  
Staff Selection Process Irregular events in February

*Hall Duty Requirements

Dolan Duty (1 duty-day every 5th weekday and 5th weekend)
Ferguson Duty (1 duty-day every 7th weekday and 7th weekend)
Gulick Duty (1 duty-day every 6th weekday and 6th weekend)
Munsell Duty (1 duty-day every 7th weekday and 7th weekend)

Duty includes being in the hall from 8 PM - 8 AM the following morning to be accessible for emergency situations. Rounds include an 8 PM social round, a quiet-hours round and a late-night follow-up round. On Saturdays and Sundays, a morning round is also expected. While on-duty, staff members carry a duty radio and are encouraged to have a presence in the building to recognize student achievement and appropriate community building. As well, staff may need to respond to policy violations, emergency situations, or room lock-outs. Duty paperwork includes a duty log and information reports.

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