Kimberly MensahStaff Profile


Staff Member of the Week 

March 24, 2014


Biology/Pre-med major, Psychology minor

Dream Job

Any job that would allow me to travel around the world at no expense.

Your favorite quote

"Everything happens for a greater purpose ahead." - Unknown

How do you reward yourself for a job well done?

I tend to give myself some time for some meditation to reflect on those accomplishments, and then I do a little victory jig by dancing to my favorite music.

Campus and community involvements beyond ORL

I have been involved in the Feminist Club. I am in the National Society of Leadership and Success. I was a 2013 MALANA Orientation Leader. Just recently I began my training at Stepping Stones to become a volunteer.

Describe your residence hall floor or community.

My floor community is filled with amazing, boisterous, and ambitious young women who have filled the floor with so much life throughout the year. Overall, the community is inclusive and open to diversity of all types.

What’s something you’ve learned from your residents?

Something that I have learned from my residents is that one should not hesitate taking another course of action in life if one path is not working out as well as it should.

What do you love most about your job?

The thing that I love most about my job is the fact that not only did I get to see many of my residents' growth as they settled more and more into their transition, but I also feel that through them and my experience being an FYRA, I was able to go through a stage of growth that has yet to be matched by any other experience I have had.

What is an important campus resource you wish more students were aware of?

I would hope that students utilized the Counseling and Consultation Services a bit more. I feel that with anything related to counseling comes an odd stigma that should not be there. Such a service is an essential thing to go to when you are having problems of any kind, and especially when you don't feel like you have anywhere else to turn to. We all experience tough times, it all comes down to getting the help or advice you need to bounce back into the groove of things, and many times just talking things out with someone willing to listen is all it takes.

What program have you been a part of planning that you’re most proud of?

I was a part of our all-Hall program between Ferguson Hall and Munsell Hall called Bittersweet, and I was just proud of the fact that our staff was able to plan very well to to pull off a massive program with success and that it was nice to get an insight to the kinds of conversations that many of the first-year residents were willing to have about the various social issues we face today.

Advice you have for students looking to increase their leadership skills?  

My advice to students looking to increase their leadership skills would be to actively seek out their resources and participate in things that they are passionate about as well as things that offer new experiences, doing that would be the first big step.

Kimberly's RD, Amber Carter, shared the following“Kim is very intentional in building relationships with residents and will always lend a listening ear or helping hand to those in need. She is not only an approachable FYRA but she is also a huge asset to Munsell staff team providing us with positive energy and humor when needed.Kim has shown tremendous growth and self awareness over the last year, I am very proud and honored to be able to be a part of her legacy here at IWU and happy to see her being recognized for her efforts."  


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