May Term

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May Term is a unique opportunity for the students of Illinois Wesleyan University.  During the month of May, students are able to take a single, intensive class designed not only to fit an entire semester of material into one month, but also to push the boundaries of the normal classroom setting.  May Term is an exciting and enriching part of the IWU experience.

May Term 2014 Photo Contest 

For information about the events being offered during May Term 2014, please view the Co-Curricular Calendar here. 

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Curricular Experimentation allows students to approach traditional subject matter in nontraditional ways or to examine concepts and issues not part of the standard curriculum.  Courses may feature well-known guest instructors from other universities, from industry or government, or from the performing or visual arts.

Hansen Study Session

A Bustling Hansen Student Center

Crossing Traditional Boundaries challenges students to consider ideas from many perspectives in courses taught by faculty from several disciplines or professions.  Such offerings might include "cluster" courses that focus on a specific theme and are supplemented with evening or weekend activities.
Student/Faculty Collaboration enables students to pursue individually selected topics under the direction of a faculty member or to engage in collaborative research with professors.

John Wesley Powell Research Conference

Dogs visited the Quad to relieve stress

Intellectual Transformation occurs in courses that are once-in-a-lifetime experiences designed to expose students to new cultures or to encourage them to develop a critical perspective on familiar ideas.  Domestic and international travel courses exemplify these transformative experiences.
Service and Internships allow students to apply their knowledge in the local community or at sites as far away as Hong Kong.  Career development possibilities may include performing in summer stock or working in a laboratory.  Community service opportunities may include participation in programs such as Habitat for Humanity.

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