General Education

Beginning with the Class of 2000, IWU students have had the opportunity to study under a new General Education program, carefully planned and developed by the faculty over several years.  As Provost Janet McNew stated in her welcome letter to students entering the University in the fall term of 1996,

"The turnings of centuries suggest new beginnings, changes that turn our faces toward exciting new eras.  It is entirely appropriate, then, that you, the Class of '00, will be the first students to experience this complete re-envisioning of what it means to be a liberally educated person."

The program is based on a vision statement and faculty-approved goals for every IWU graduate.  The link below leads to a full statement of those goals and to the course categories and other requirements students encounter in the program.  For more information, contact the Associate Dean of Curricular and Faculty Development, Professor Lynda Duke, at

Goals, Categories, and Requirements

Gateway Offerings History List (Fall 1998-Spring 2007)

Historical Documents Related to Gateway Staffing

Illinois Wesleyan Course Catalog

General Education Checksheets