Faculty Development Programs

IWU offers a number of programs that support faculty work.  They include standard professional travel allotments, traditional research or artistic grants, curriculum development funding for individuals or groups, and course release and leave programs for both tenured and junior faculty.  In addition, there are occasional opportunities to participate in regional and national conferences that focus on various aspects of one’s professional development.

The Faculty Development Committee, Grant and Leave Programs

The IWU Faculty Development Committee is an elected group of colleagues with the Associate Dean of Curricular & Faculty Development (AD) serving in an ex officio capacity.  Its charge is to be responsible for matters concerning faculty development and the professional growth of faculty and, in this capacity, it advises and makes recommendations to the Provost/Dean concerning faculty leaves, University grants, and support for faculty research and other professional activities (2013-2014 Faculty Handbook).  In this capacity, it produces an annual online Faculty Development Handbook that describes procedures for applying for internal grants and leaves.  University grant and leave applications are available online, as are exemplary proposals.

Members of the 2013-2014 Faculty Development Committee include:

Diego Mendez Carbajo, Chair
Carren Moham, Vice Chair
Kathleen Montgomery
Edgar Lehr
Karen Schmidt
Lynda Duke (ex officio)

Faculty Travel

With regard to travel, IWU offers partial support during the academic year for expenses related to professional development or achievement, and this budget, with the exceptions noted below, is administered through the Mellon Center. The Provost, in consultation with the Faculty Development Committee, determines the standard amounts for which a full-time faculty member may be reimbursed for various activities, as well as maximum amounts for automobile mileage, lodging, and meals.  In 2013-2014, these funds can be drawn upon from August 1, 2013 through July 9, 2014.  Additional funds are allocated to departments who can offer supplemental assistance to tenure-line faculty.  Specific regulations involving eligibility for and the receipt of travel funds can be found in the Faculty Development Handbook.  Faculty Travel Request Forms are available from department or school office coordinators or from the Mellon Center, (309) 556-3760.

Workshop Support

The Mellon Center also offers support for faculty reading groups, teaching circles, and technology and pedagogy workshops, held both on and off-campus.

Collaboration with the Thorpe Center

The Thorpe Center is a collaborative endeavor between Information Technology Services, the Mellon Center and The Ames Library, offering support for the use of technologies inside and outside of the classroom, assistive technologies, and digital video editing, so as to expedite the integration of audio and video into presentations and projects.  Throughout the year, workshops are offered whereby faculty and staff share their technological expertise and discuss relevant applications for their work.

Council for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETAL)

The mission of the CETAL, established in fall of 2013, is to support teaching and learning at IWU by fostering pedagogical development of IWU faculty.  Its functions include:

-identifying high impact teaching methods and best practices in teaching and learning, including best uses of technology

-organizing and coordinating workshops and faculty development initiatives pertaining to pedagogy

-fostering the campus conversation on pedagogy

-advising the administration on matters related to teaching and learning

-coordinating CETAL pedagogical initiatives with other bodies, such as Curriculum Council, Faculty Development Council, the Writing Program, and the Assessment Committee

Faculty Colloquia

It has been an IWU tradition to invite selected faculty to deliver formal presentations focused upon their research and teaching during the academic year.  For 2013-2014, the following colleagues have been invited to participate in the program:

September 20th: Meg Miner

November 8th: Dani Snyder

February 14th: Mark Liffition

April 4th: Jim Plath

External Support

The Grants and Foundation Relations Office works closely with faculty to seek external funding for their research and scholarship.  A list of funding sources and agencies can be found on the SPFR webpage.  Grant-writing workshops, co-sponsored by both offices, are scheduled during the academic year.

Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment and evaluation are part of our regular, ongoing responsibilities as teachers and scholars.  The Mellon Center works with the Office of Institutional Research and Planning in order to offer assistance to faculty as they pursue these aims.  Faculty who write grants with prominent evaluation components can call upon the Associate Dean of the Faculty and the Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research, Planning, and Evaluation for advice and help. Those who want to create insightful ways of determining how adequately students learn and assess the effectiveness of their curricular and instructional strategies, can also count upon the support of the Associate Dean and the Assistant Vice President in their pursuit of such efforts.