KPMG Interns
At KPMG, Campus Recruiter Elizabeth Wendell, Manager of University Recruiting Sean Treccia and interns Jessica Biro '08, and Allison Fisher '08 .
Business Administration Major



At Illinois Wesleyan, we believe that preparation for a career in business requires study of a broad spectrum of topics, rather than narrow specialization in a single area.

Students take a sequence of courses that cover all of the business fields: accounting, finance, management, marketing, business law, and strategy and policy.

In addition, business students are encouraged and supported in their exploration of diverse studies that open their minds to ideas and opportunities that go well beyond what might be available in more technically oriented programs.

Our graduates leave prepared for an exciting range of workplace challenges and life-long learning.

Sample Four-Year Curriculum

This is just an example four-year plan; your actual schedule can/will deviate from this sample. Your faculty advisor will work with you to match appropriate courses with your interests.

Bill Walsh

Dr. Bill Walsh

Curious about your professors? Learn more about our distinguished business administration faculty.

Once enrolled, all students will have a degree evaluation tool available to them on MyIWU. This will help you determine what courses are required to graduate on time.