Film Request Form
You may request a film ahead of time to ensure the item's availability on a specific date.

Use this form to submit your request for films, regardless of format (e.g. video, DVD, etc.).

Who may place a Request? Faculty, staff or students may schedule films on video or DVDs for use on a particular date.  Our Netflix service is for faculty's classroom use only.
How long does it take? Booking requests for items owned by The Ames Library require one week to process. Allow three weeks for items not owned by The Ames Library. Your request will be confirmed via email.  Please see the Netflix page for more information.
What happens if the item cannot be obtained? You will be notified as soon as that is known to be the case. Options will be discussed to help your decide how to proceed.

If you are having any difficulties submitting your request,
please call the Thorpe Center at 556-1700.

This service is maintained by The Ames Library. Please contact us with any problems or suggestions.

Last revised: August 21, 2009