Rules Governing The Use Of Tate Archives & Special Collections

Welcome to the Illinois Wesleyan University, Tate Archives & Special Collections, at The Ames Library.  The purpose of the archives and special collections is to preserve and maintain the historical records of the University, varied collections of related historical material donated by individuals and organizations, rare books, and to make these materials available for research.  In an attempt to achieve these purposes, the following rules govern the use of the material.

Each researcher must complete a “Researcher Registration” form for every research project in order to identify his/her identity, and to assist the archivist/special collections librarian in locating potentially useful sources (Data from this form may be used for statistical and research topic summaries).

  • Sign the “Guest Register” at each visit.
  • Smoking, eating, and drinking are not permitted.
  • All materials must be handled with care.
  • No material may leave the archives & special collections reading room.
  • Only pencils or laptop computers may be used for note taking.  The use of ink pens is not permitted.
  • Do not photocopy archival materials. Staff provides photocopying service; depending on the time the order is placed, copies may be picked up later that day or the next day.

Permission to publish from unpublished material or published works under copyright must first be obtained from the holder of the copyright.  It is the researcher’s responsibility to secure that permission.  Permission to reproduce (photocopy) does not constitute permission to publish.

In citing material located in the archives, the form should be as follows (After identification of the item and title of record group, when applicable): University Archives, The Ames Library, Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, Illinois.

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Last revised: August 31, 2006