Indexing Term Selection Criteria

The following is a list of the kinds of things we intend to index and what we intend to avoid; revisions may be made as the process unfolds:

  • What will be indexed
  • subjects of main articles;
  • names of Argus staff or guest authors of articles;
  • people named in photograph captions (including publicity photos for performers/ visitors);
  • letter to the editor writers names but not subjects of letters;
  • students identified as creators of cartoon strips and/or the name of the strip;
  • photographers given credit in a caption if they're identified as being on the Argus staff;
  • names of people mentioned in an article if they are the main focus, not just quoted or listed in a group as in an Honor Roll or team list;
  • faculty, athletes or students highlighted in a "profile" article;
  • unusual events (funding awards/ issues, building projects, disasters, protests, conferences);
  • events not otherwise associated with someone's name (e.g., not Martin Luther King Day but a visit by MLK);
  • name of a person receiving a sports scholarship or sports awards and the name of the award;
  • people who are the major subjects of sports article, not just players mentioned or a coach who is asked about the team;
  • major event names (incl. academic tournaments, sports championships, foundation awards, conferences);
  • book/music reviewers' names if they're students;
  • names of plays performed on campus.
  • What will not be indexed:
  • syndicated columns/ columnists (e.g., those having U-Wire, CNS, NSNS bylines) or topics about non-campus news;
  • professional cartoons/ cartoonists' names (i.e., syndicated material);
  • advertisements;
  • news briefs/ man-on-the-street type interviews (but Argus staff member compiler should be listed when given);
  • classifieds;
  • Security Beat;
  • subjects of opinion columns even if written by Argus columnists or the editorial board;
  • events which occur at the same time each year (Martin Luther King Day, Founder's Day, Commencement, etc.);
  • names of people quoted in an article unless they are the main subject of it;
  • names of people on a team;
  • reports/ reviews of celebrities or music or books -- but if the performer or writer visits or is scheduled to visit campus (incl. Blue Moon Coffeehouse), they will be listed either by the group's or the individual's name;
  • names of people coming to the area but not the campus (unless they are in a photograph)

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Last revised: June 27, 2010