Technology is expanding into the cloud. We would like to help you get your smartphone/mobile device set up to use the IWU wireless. If you do not find instructions for your particular device and need assistance, please contact the Telecommunications Office at (309) 556-3430 or Information Technology Services at (309) 556-3900 for assistance.



Iphone and Ipad Wireless Setup

  • On your iPhone or iPad and download/run the iPhone Wireless client
  • Accept the certification.
  • It will ask you for your MyIWU username and password.

Android Wireless Setup

  • From the menu, select "Settings"
  • Choose "Wireless & Networks" from the settings menu
  • Make sure your wireless is turned on
  • Select "Wi-Fi Settings" from the wireless & networks menu
  • Press and hold the "IWU-Wireless" network, then choose "Modify Network"
  • Select "TTLS" from the "EAP Method" drop box
  • Select "PAP" form the "Phase 2 authentication" drop box
  • Leave "CA certificate" and "User certificate" blank
  • Type in your IWU NetID in the "Identity" box
  • Leave "Anonymous identity" blank
  • Type in your IWU password in the "Password" box
  • Press "Save" or "Connect" (wording varies by model). You should now be connected to IWU-wireless

IWU Employee Discounts

Verizon is offering a 22% discount to employees on their monthly services. You can apply for that discount here.
Sprint is also offering a 22% discount to employees on their monthly services, which you can apply for here.

If you need additional assistance, please call the Help@Ames Desk (309-556-3900), e-mail (, or use the online support request form