Long Distance Call Service

Dialing instructions

  • To call on-campus - dial last 4 digits of campus number
  • To call off-campus locally - dial 9 + 7 digit number
  • To dial a long distance call - dial 56 + your 7 digit authorization code +9 +1 +area code +number
  • To place an international call - dial 56 + your 7 digit authorization code +9 +011 +country code + number
  • To dial an operator assisted call - dial 56 + your 7 digit authorization code +9 +0 +area code + number
  • To reach the University Operator - dial 0
  • For IWU directory assistance - dial 0
  • For local directory assistance - dial 56 + your 7 digit authorization code +9 +1 +411
  • For long distance directory assistance - dial 56 + your 7 digit authorization code +9 +1 + area code + 555-1212

Authorization codes

Student authorization code numbers are required for long distance calls from university phones. All inquiries regarding the acquisition of an authorization code should be directed to Illinois Wesleyan Telecommunications, 309-556-3430.

Long Distance Application Form


A detailed phone bill is e-mailed each month from the University showing, for each call: the telephone number dialed, the time the call was placed, the duration of the call, and the cost of the call. Payments are to be made to Illinois Wesleyan Telecommunications by the 20th of the month following the date of your bill. You can pay your bill at the Telecommunications Office. The Telecommunications Office is in the IT House at 1311 North Park Street.


The following are standard telephone features available to all students living on campus.

Call Waiting

If you hear two quick beeps during a conversation, this means you have another call waiting. To answer this new call, depress the switchhook briefly. (first call is put on hold) You may now talk to the new caller. You can continue to alternate between callers by using your switchhook to switch back and forth between callers.

Camp-On / Ring Again

Camp-On and Ring Again are two telephone features that work together. These features work only on campus phones.You use Ring Again to initiate a call and Camp-On to answer. You would use Ring Again to reach somone who is currently using their phone. Instead of constantly trying to redial this person until they are off their phone, you just use the Ring Again feature as follows: Ring Again - Call the person you want to reach. If that person is on the phone and you receive a busy signal, hang up. Depress the switchhook briefly. You will hear a special dial tone. Dial 5 plus 1. You will hear a regular dial tone. Hang up the phone. When the person you dialed is off the phone you will hear a short beep. You can then pick up the phone and this person will be called.Camp-On - This allows you to make another call while you are waiting for your 'Ring Again' call to be free. If you are in a conversation, you will hear one quick beep letting you know the 'Ring Again' person is free. To receive the new call, hang up, wait for phone to ring before answering.

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